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Katz & Stefani
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Our Attorneys

Our experienced team ensures an unparalleled level of responsiveness for our clients

Katz & Stefani’s award-winning team of law professionals is well-versed in high profile, high-stakes cases, and we have extensive backgrounds in key areas of family law. Years of experience enable our Chicago family law attorneys to quickly assess a case and focus on the solutions that will lead to a more efficient and favorable result for our clients.

  • P. André Katz

    P. André Katz

  • Daniel R. Stefani

    Daniel R. Stefani

  • David C. Ainley

    David C. Ainley

    Senior Partner
  • Amanda B. Clayman

    Amanda B. Clayman

    Senior Partner
  • Shawn D. Bersson

    Shawn D. Bersson

    Senior Partner
  • Erin B. Bodendorfer

    Erin B. Bodendorfer

  • Ashley D. Wood

    Ashley D. Wood

  • Ameena Syed

    Ameena Syed

  • Ryanne E. Braun

    Ryanne E. Braun

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