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Practice Areas

Our experience in all areas of family law achieves unmatched results

We often say that “family law is a very personal business.” At Katz & Stefani, we understand that privacy and integrity are of the utmost importance, especially at an emotional time in our clients’ lives. With more than 50 years of experience from our principals alone, our skilled team takes great care to handle each situation in the most sensitive and discreet manner possible, while staying focused on positive results.

Our firm remains committed to protecting our clients by working toward a favorable resolution to complex legal matters. Katz & Stefani’s legal competence, courtroom experience and successful track record generate a positive outcome whether the matter is resolved by negotiated agreement or by trial.

Family Law and Divorce Matters

Katz & Stefani takes a firm, results-oriented approach to resolving emotional and challenging family issues in a favorable manner. We pride ourselves on acting with integrity both inside and outside the courtroom, while ensuring that our clients’ interests always come first.

Litigation, Negotiation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Our family law attorneys first consider a negotiated settlement as the most beneficial means–both economically and emotionally–to resolve our clients’ family law issues. We are experienced and accomplished in reaching a successful resolution of family law matters through negotiated settlements, participation in collaborative law and mediation, and through the use of parenting coordinators. If a negotiated settlement is not feasible, our attorneys are exceptionally skilled in the preparation and prosecution of all aspects of family law litigation to achieve optimal results.

Illinois Family Law Reforms

The Illinois Family Law Study Committee, which was chaired by firm principal André Katz, rewrote the Illinois divorce statute and proposing groundbreaking family law reforms at the state level. These reforms, amendments to the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act of 1977 and creation of the Illinois Parentage Act of 2013, will affect thousands of Illinois families for years to come.

Extensive Knowledge of Essential Issues

In every aspect of a case, our attorneys are proficient in all the relevant critical issues related to family law including property division, child custody and visitation, and child support and spousal support.

Expert Understanding of Complex Issues

Drawing on our partnerships in numerous industries, Katz & Stefani is equipped to assemble a strong team to address more complex issues related to family law including custody evaluators, forensic accountants, business valuation experts, attorneys concentrating on other areas of the law, as well as other valued consultants. Our experience and knowledge, coupled with our partnering with other professionals, ensures we are best able to assist our clients by understanding and favorably resolving the complex issues related to tax and financial planning, forensic accounting, business valuations, retirement plans and benefits, stock options and other complex assets and employment related benefits and interests.

Premarital Agreements, Post-Nuptial Agreements, Cohabitation Agreements, Marital Settlement Agreements and Separation Agreements

At Katz & Stefani, our prenuptial agreement attorneys are well-versed in negotiating and drafting a variety of agreements and, in doing so, ensure the process is respectful and productive and our clients are fully protected and their goals accomplished.

Appeals, Modifications and Enforcement of Divorce Judgments

Katz & Stefani continues to support our clients, when necessary, even after the entry of a judgment of dissolution of marriage by assisting in necessary court actions to appeal judgments, defend appeals, enforce agreements and seek appropriate and beneficial modifications to agreements concerning support and college expenses and any other issues requiring further adjudication.

Legal Separations, Annulments and Gets

In addition to the more typical dissolution of marriage, our attorneys assist clients in obtaining legal separations and can offer advice on the proper channels to obtain annulments and Gets (Jewish divorces).

Paternity Cases

Katz & Stefani also handles all aspects of paternity matters pursuant to the Illinois Parentage Act.

Domestic Violence and Orders of Protection

Our attorneys are also well versed in handling all matters of domestic violence pursuant to the Illinois Domestic Violence Act and diligently work to secure our client’s safety.

International Custody and Jurisdictional Disputes

Katz & Stefani’s comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of international custody and jurisdictional disputes uniquely positions the firm to handle clients’ cross-border and overseas legal issues.

At Katz & Stefani, LLC, our family law attorney in Chicago, IL focuses on the following practice areas:

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